Burn Up To 1,000 Calories In 45 Minutes

What makes us different is what makes us better.

Interactive Workout

Interactive Training

Our cutting-edge new category of fitness harnesses the power of sound, light and interactive flooring to give you a unique training experience.

Interactive Workout

Skilled Trainers

Our skilled trainers, specialized classes and real-time performance tracking are designed for top results in a way that’s fast-paced and fun.

Interactive Workout

Improved Reactions

Burn more calories than ever before. 1,000 calories in 45 minutes to be exact. Each workout improves reaction time by training your reflexes.

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Total-body Challenge

This total-body challenge maximizes your workout time and offers a complete strength and cardio conditioning all in one session.

Interactive Workout

Monitored Workouts

Area45 Fitness has the latest technology when it comes to tracking your every movement in the facility creating an interactive experience.

Interactive Workout Room

Competitive Pricing

Area45 Fitness offers affordable pricing with a wide variety of pay as you go packages, memberships, and promotions. View Pricing

Burn Up To 1,000 Calories In 45 Minutes

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