What Makes
Area45 Different?

AREA45 is all HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts harnessing the power of sound, light, and interactive flooring to give you a completely unique training experience. Our skilled trainers, specialized classes, and real-time performance tracking are designed for results in a way that’s fast-paced, fun, and engaging.

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Burn Up To 1,000 CALORIES In 45 Minutes.

Our goal with each workout is to improve reaction time by training your reflexes. Our spatial floor references with responsive LED lights provide visual cues prompting fast-twitch muscle movement. This total-body workout maximizes your workout time and offers a complete strength and cardio conditioning in one session.

A New Category of Fitness is Born


This new interactive training will keep you sweating and smiling at the same time!


Our flooring offers visual cues and targets to build the most perfect workout!


A full body workout using the most cutting edge technology fitness has to offer!


The most electrifying circuit-based training that will leave you wanting more!

Area45 Fit Class offers 3-4 circuits

3 circuits of (go at your own pace) interval training. This course offers many styles of full body workouts and great cardio with at least 45-seconds per section and minimum of 15-seconds rest in between (there are 8 sections per circuit). This course will be offered for beginners, medium-intensity goers, high-intensity goers, and for all gym goers.

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Burn Up To 1,000 Calories In 45 Minutes

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